Mexico Watercolor Journal

Whenever I travel far from home, as Jon and I did recently for three weeks in Central Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, I record as much as possible of visual images in my portable watercolor journal.  These images carry the emotions and visual beauty of what I’ve seen on the trip, much more than words can.

I make my own journal with watercolor paper bound with ribbon – small enough to carry in a little bag with the colors, brushes and water jar and cloth.  I painted the dome of the church from the rooftop terrace of our hotel in Mexico City.  the Mayan man was a sculpture in the city of Palenque in the center of town, and the rooftop terrace was at our beautiful hotel in Oaxaca where we ate breakfast each morning.

Back home, I now embellish the pages with designs of other images from my camera, so I am still in a way connected to the beauty and uniqueness of the culture of Mexico.