Marty Stewart’s Watercolor Journal

Whenever and wherever I travel, I always take a watercolor journal, both to enjoy the pleasures of painting and to record impressions from where I went.This recent journal recorded some of the images from my trip to Maui.
The cover is an abstract design, created simply by drawing a few lines, then seeing where the next line might go, and then to a shape, and what the next shape might be, and so on in a rhythmic pattern, adding color in the same way.
One of the best things about my watercolor journal is that it is completely for me; that is, not to be framed or displayed or sold. This “no expectations” approach makes it a most relaxing and pleasurable pursuit.
By making small “frames” on each page, I am able to paint several scenes on one page. The small format ensures I have plenty of time to complete the subject; in this case those range from beach scenes to flowers near the lanai, to ancient tree trunks, and more. And the colors of Hawaii are endlessly fun to paint!
The watercolor journal gives me the opportunity to take time to sit and look, and also reflect as I paint. I often add these thoughts or phrases that come to me as I paint, or that reflect events of the time. For example, my son became engaged while we were there, which brought to me the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. It seemed to go with the idea of two people joining their lives together—don’t you think?

One thought on “Marty Stewart’s Watercolor Journal

  1. Hi Marty,
    We love the painting I bought at the TAG sale. I will treasure them, and I value your art and have loved to watch you find your way throughout the years.
    I’m just starting a blog and would love to have you look at it. I’m slowly posting my paintings, but am full on into “Creativity and the Everyday Artist’s brain. I love this stuff, and I often wonder why. It just seems to grovel around in the nuts and bolts of how we come up with stuff…that surprises us?
    Please see: and pass is on if you’d care to.

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